Climbing Portal

Why not add Alpe Du Zwift and Ven-Top to the climbing portal?! The 125% would be another great challenge. The 75% and 50% would allow riders to work their way up to the 100%, or it just gives you a different option depending on how you are feeling. AdZ and VT at 75% or even more at 50% would also be a great option for a race. I have been on Zwift for 14 months now and have completed AdZ 50+ times while Ven-Top just once. AdZ and Ven-Top, divided into 10 colored road sections, would be great. Speaking for myself, I would ride Ven-Top more often as part of the climbing portal.

Personally I’d much rather ride them with the scenery.

And you can turn the trainer difficulty down to lower the difficulty but obviously not raise it.
125% on the Alpe would be savage.


As I understand it - which is not very much - the gradient scaling works differently to just adjusting the trainer difficulty. the gradient scaling actually effects the amount of climb you accumulate and you would go up the climb quicker.

No you’re right, that’s how it works.

Was just offering an option to make the Alpe/Ventoux feel a little easier on the legs.

Scaling a different beast altogether.

Just for clarification, I am not asking to delete or replace the original AdZ and Ven-Top. Just saying that the colored segments are a very helpful tool because you can kind of “see” what is ahead of you with regard to the inclines (colored segments: red, brown, yellow, and blue).