Display the gradient I am actually climbing (after difficulty adjustment applied)

If I am climbing a 10% gradient but have trainer difficulty set to 50%, then the gradient sent to my trainer, i.e. the gradient I am actually climbing, is 5%. I would like an option to display this gradient instead of, or as well as, the nominal 10% gradient.

The issue with this is in pacing a climb, “actual” grade is important. For example, consider the case of someone using a dumb trainer: there is no grade effect. I can just go in a gear and pedal at constant power without shifting. So I do the Bologna time trial course. It’s more important, though, to apply more power on steeper grades than on flats or, especially, descents: more marginal gain there. So I need to see the real grade on the screen to pace myself.

I know – you could say “show both”, or like a Garmin head-unit, provide HUD choices. But if I had to choose I’d go with real grade.

I don’t quite follow why you say it is important to apply more power on climbs if you’re on a dumb trainer. But anyway, all I’m asking for is the option. A tick box would allow those that want to see the nominal grade (what your’re calling the real grade) to see that, and those who want to see the grade that their trainer is actually making them climb (which, to me, is the real grade!), could see that.

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I agree they should provide an option (for everything shown on the HUD, not just this).

But Zwift takes power (from a power meter, or modeled from a speed sensor) and models speed using its physics. This article in Zwift Insider shows in Bologna more power on the climb, less on the flat, is faster than constant power.

You are always climbing the same gradient regardless of trainer difficulty otherwise elevation gained wouldn’t make any sense. What you are essentially doing is taking bike gearing out of the equation


that doesn’t make sense when many trainers have a grade limit, mine is 10%, anything above that and it stays at 10% and I just get slower at the same power

put your trainer “difficulty” at 100% then you’ll know ! .)