TRAINER DIFFICULTY - naming change

Hi dear Zwift HQ once and for all we would like to end idle discussions of Zwift forums and community groups.

Please be so kind and change TRAINER DIFFICULTY name to

  • Gradient Feel
  • Resistance range
  • Gradient simulation
  • Climb difficulty
  • Climb simulation (none/flat-real)
  • Gradient realsim
    anything will be better and more understandable than DIFFICULTY.

THANK YOU :wink:

Resistance range :blush:

Resistance range :blush:

I agree the label should be changed to something users actually understand. Even if “trainer difficulty” is technically accurate (I don’t think it is), it’s not a good label if users don’t get it.

“Gradient simulation” might be better, as “off”/“none” and “100%”/“max” make more sense in that context.


I don’t know what that means lol

you are not alone, thats why we want to change it :slight_smile:

What, “gradient” or “simulation”?

How about “Slope realism”? =)

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Gradient Simulation is good and all they have to do is add one of those little question marks which will explain the term


Added as another naming option. THX

Do you think Zwift will read this Jacek lol

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No :slight_smile: but I will escalate :slight_smile:

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Perceived to Actual grade ratio

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Real Feel trainer resistance.

Resistance range

Resistance/Gradient Ratio

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I do think Graidient Simulation is probably the best (my opinion) the first 2 options could still confuse many and if Gradient Simulation confuses then they should remove themselves from Zwift.

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Gradient simulation

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None of those help. They just create different confusion.

It should be “Gear Range” and should go from “very low gears” to “match my bike”.


cassette/chainrings range will be good


Cassette Range.