Adjusting Climb Elevation

Can we no longer adjust the climb elevation other than the climb portal in Home screen? I was able change this before but can no longer find the page.

Where did it go?


Hi Maria.

I’m not sure what you mean here–do you mean just for the climb portals? You can pick the elevation when you select the route, and you can also pick it again right before you enter the portal, once you’ve started the route. The options should pop up on your screen as you get near the portal. But that’s only for Climb Portals.

Otherwise, for regular riding (including Climb Portals), you can adjust the Trainer Difficulty, if you have a smart trainer. That will effectively decrease the slope of the climb as you dial it down from 100%. At 100, you get the full listed slope of the road you’re on.

It’s still possible to select the scaling before you go through the portal “gate” but other than that and the home screen, the other climbs in Zwift have never had the ability to scale the gradients to be greater or less, affecting the total elevation gain. If it did exist, then I never saw it for any of my 140+ laps of Alpe du Zwift.

You can use the trainer-difficulty but that doesn’t adjust the elevation total. For ADZ, you could ride minimal trainer difficulty and still have “climbed” then 1000+m even though you didn’t feel anything of it.

If you don’t feel the effort of a climb you’re already not really doing, do you not even exist at that point? :slight_smile:

Hi Tom, I’m looking for the trainer difficulty. I saw the climb portal one but that only applies to that ride. I’ve been looking in settings, anywhere in the apps ZA and Companion for the setting. I’ve adjusted it before and it wasn’t that hard to find. Where is it?

Thank you.


it will be in the settings menu when you are in game and have a smart trainer paired as power and resistance. The settings menu can be accessed from the home page in the game, click on your avatar picture in the top right.

That third one down, My Settings. :slight_smile:


Thanks Mike, I found it. I’ve been looking but not in game. I’ve adjusted it again since the default is 1/2 of gradient. It should apply to all future rides, correct?

Interesting that this setting is only accessible in game and not in ZC with the other settings.


The setting will stay to whatever you adjusted it at for all your riding, yep.

It does affect descents as well–Zwift only sends half of the descent % to your trainer at any time, and TD will cut that in half again. So a 10% decline, at 100% TD, feels like a 5% decline. At 50% TD, it will feel like a 2.5% decline. While the incline on the way up will feel like 10% at 100TD, and 5% at 50TD.

But you can change it in-game, so if you want a different TD up a climb than down, or for the flats, you can change it as you go.

Hi @Maria_Saiz welcome to the Forums, I’m Oscar from Zwift

I’d like to first thank @Tom_J for all the support you were sharing, which is very much appreciated by us, and also remind y’all that we can adjust the trainer difficulty as well, when having a smart trainer can effectively decrease, and you can find more details going to settings as we can check in the screenshot @Tom_J share.

Keep in mind that you have the option to contact us, so we can provide one-on-one support and help you as soon as possible.

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