Using zwift on android 10 tablet with Ant+ connected via usb OTG cable

So I got myself a new tablet (Teclast M40, android 10, decent specs). I am using Lifeline usb ant+ receiver and OTG cable to connect ant+ receiver that needs usb-A to the tablet that uses usb-C.

I have tested both devices, the cable with otg cable checker app and ant+ receiver with ant checker app and they both work 100%. I have also installed all apps required to use ant on android. Ant+ receiver also works on win10 without any issues.

I am using tacx flux s smart trainer.

When I try to use ant+ receiver in zwift on the tablet, I can connect only power, cadence and and heart rate. They connect and drop out after 30 seconds (via ant). Controllable on the other hand cant even be connected …

What is the reason behind this?

Hi @Tadej_Lukovnjak welcome to Zwift forums

Have you read through the latest Android FAQ? In particular you may have to install the ANT system drivers.

The other thing to know is that support for controllable trainers using the ANT protocol is still new. It’s possible that your brand / model of tablet hasn’t been tested for compatibility yet.

What happens if you pair over Bluetooth LE instead? Does that give better results?

@shooj thank you! Yes I have installed everything required. I will try to connect power via ant-fec first to see if that helps. I do not think that the brand of the tablet has anything to do with it. I am running last version of stock Android 10. Up to date. Zwift up to date.

I am attaching some images. Could you check them if you see something wrong regarding ant drivers?

Pairing over bluetooth is kinda unstable. For example if I do a workout, my power/controllable does the strange drop from lets say 300 watts to 100 watts for a second and then goes back to 300 watts. It happens every 5 min or so and its quite annoying cause you cant hold stable watts and you get the “cadence kick” when it drops because of the ERG reaction.

So I managed to connect sensors in menu via ant+ fec protocol. Seen on image below.

The problem is that everything was connected for 15 seconds at most. As soon as I start riding, the connection is interrupted and if I check pairing menu there is no signal on sensors anymore.

How to fix that?

@shooj BUMP! I need a solution. I am paying for zwift membership. I expect an answer.