using support site from iOS device

I noticed that I cannot use the text boxes to create or add comments to feedback items on the site.  It would be very useful to me to be able to create or update feedback from my iphone/iPad.

Hi Victor - if you log in, you should be able to post comments to threads from your iOS device. You’ll need to zoom in manually until we have the time to make the Support Hub ( responsive for mobile. It’s on the roadmap!

I tried from my iPhone just now and used the default safari browser.  With safari, i got a mobile view of the site and the comment box is not a WYSIWYG box, just a plain text box.  Thats not the scenario I initially encountered on my ipad, so i clicked on ‘go to full site’ .  There the comment box was a WYSIWYG.  I clicked it and the keyboard did come up and i started my comment.  

Then i decided to try chrome which is what i normally use on iOS and is what cause me to come to my laptop to report this feedback initially.  I noticed that chrome did not default me to a mobile site.  I tried clicking on the WYSIWYG text box after logging in and the keyboard would not pop up.  The entire body of the comment would highlight when i tried to click inside the box to try to enter text.

Interestingly, i went back to my safari session to complete this comment, but then I could no longer get the keyboard to pop up when clicking the box. 

So, i came back to my laptop to type out this reply