iOS App Feedback

(Steve Whiteley) #1

Well done for getting this into the app store. Just got a bit of feedback. 

The stats page basically replicates what is on the screen, could this not have been used for other stats, average heart rate, average power. Not sure I understand the duplication

My wave and elbow flick don’t work, is this a function of being on an April Fool’s trike today

I user rollers so would appreciate an easier way to change screens rather than the swipe, or maybe I just need to improver my ‘rollering’

(Aaron Deutsch - BMTR) #2

Also would like to compliment the Zwift team on the iOS app.

Given the usage, you might consider seeing if there is a way to have the ‘group message’ function default to using the voice dictation with a button to revert to text. 

I think this inversion would be better given the use in cycling. I find that the extra tap is a hassle as well as difficult to do given how small that button is on the iOS keyboard.

(Landon Mitchell) #3

Hi started using the new IOS app on IPAD pro this morning two things I noticed

  1. RPM is showing as zero

  2. Legs for the most apart do not move