iOS app feedback and issue


This is my third ride using swift, love it so far so much more motivating than a TV program!

Got the email about the app today and here are a few issues and my main gripe so far!

I mounted my phone on my stem using a Zip-Tie (Works Well!) about 40mins in to my ride when placing my towel on the bars I hit the ‘Im Done’ button and the save/quit ride screen showed up, I didn’t get a chance to do anything my towel/sweat/hand must of clicked a button on the phone making the game quit and not save my ride so the first part is lost!

You could maybe automatically store rides and let the player delete rides later… or resume, not sure…

My suggestion would be in future versions of the app you could remove the feature of the app being able to close the game… making using the computer to end the ride mandatory, or add a stronger verification to ending/saving the ride.

Other things I noticed…

  • Units change/flicker randomly
  • Elbow does not work

Other than that a great start to the app guys can’t wait to see what you guys do! Loved the tricycles aswell!


Hi Brennen,

Thanks for the kind words and the suggestion! You are not the only one to do this so rest assured this is a planned feature for our mobile app.

As for the units flickering and elbow not working, I don’t think I’ve seen that before. Can I ask what phone you’re testing it on? We’ll try and repro it in house.

Hi Eric,

Glad to its not just me being clumsy! I am using an iPhone 6 on the latest firmware (8.2) and my units are set on metric in my profile!

The flicking happened every 10-20 seconds and it would change the unit for just 1/2 second or so.

I tried the app last night and it all seemed to be working fine apart from no visual elbow flick.  That was Mac version of Zwift and iOS app running on a 4S iPhone. Tried snapshot, group text, change view, riders list and duplicate stats info and all perfect

I use an iPhone 5s with iOS 8.2 and I also noticed the unit flickering.  I have it set to metric and it seemed like a few times per minute it would show imperial units for a fraction of second and then display in metric.