Account problem

Good morning, I am new with Z and created my account about 4 weeks ago via web browser. Yesterday, I wanted to start a first ride but could not log in with my data and needed to create a new account. I used the same e-mail address and password as in the web but both accounts do not sync. I could ride but only got the standard trial period and not the 3 months special offer which I received which I have in my account on the web browser.Tried to reach support chat but it does not work. Any ideas what to do from the community?

Persist with the support chat until it allows you to file a request. Whatever it suggests, respond that it didn’t work. Carry on until it gives up.

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Thanks a lot, Paul. The chat even does not open any interface, is this normal?

It is working for me in macOS Safari. Didn’t work in Firefox but I have a lot of extensions there so that might be my problem. I’m starting the chat from this page:

Thanks for the advise with Mac. Does not work on windows or android but will now try with the iPad.