Suggestions to improve new rider onboarding

I now have 3 Zwift accounts, 1 email, but 2 accounts.

The first account I created and rode using the 25km trial rides. While doing this I was trying to log into the companion app, but it kept telling me my password was wrong and wouldn’t let me reset it. My friends that use Zwift however were able to “friend” me. After I converted from my 25km ride to a 7 day free trial I again tried to login/reset my password to no avail. Zwift did however allow me to create a new account using the companion app and the same email address.

Suggestion 1, why not just start with the 7 day trial and eliminate the 25km ride, I don’t see the point and it only causes confusion.

My first account that has my 25km ride is now in limbo, and while 25km may not seem like much for a new rider I was proud of it. I emailed support no answer, I’ve tried to chat 5 times only to be told a rep didn’t connect in the allotted time.

Suggestion 2, increase the allotted time allowed to connect to a support rep.

Suggestion 3, only allow one account per email address or if there is another reason multiple accounts per email is required then link them all. So that I can manage all of my growing number of accounts.

I do hope I don’t be paying $14.99 for the account that exists but, I’m unable to use?

It doesn’t do positive things for my ego when I’m “ghosted” by… myself?

I’ve only had an account 2 days and the onboarding process has been less than impressive. I do hope these comments fall on listening ears, because the rides and community have been an really great experience.

The whole account setup process has been extremely frustrating. You could call it user error because I did “create” these accounts, but I only did it after I couldn’t get help from support, and I couldn’t reset my password.

I hope the rides continue to be much more fun than setting up my account.

One other note the forum onboarding letter you get from Scotty the Squirrel says you can change your forum username and gives instructions on how to do so. Only those instructions are no longer accurate you might want to have your support team update that documentation.