Delete comment button does nothing on website

When viewing an activity on the Zwift website, comments can be added but not deleted. The blue delete button does nothing. Tested on Firefox and Safari on macOS. Delete comment works in Companion.

sorry - i thought you meant here! ignore me!

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I just tested it and you’re correct - the button changes colour when you click on it but that’s it.

How do you delete in Companion?

Swipe from right to left on the comment to reveal the secret delete button (works on iOS anyway)

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Thank you, yes that works. In hindsight I suppose obvious as is the same as moving / deleting emails.

Tested and confirmed - what really surprised me though is that the link for the delete button is to a URL?? I can’t make head or tail of the link but it seems to contain three different URLs?! Someone more technical might be able to figure out what on earth the delete button is trying to do but it looks a mess…

Brilliant!! that was driving me insane. Very helpful tip.