'Start Chat' button on Contact Us page not working

When I click on the ‘Start Chat’ button on the Contact Us page, literally nothing happens. This is despite it being well within the advertised times that customer support agents are available.

I need to speak to a member of Zwift’s support team as I am having continuous issues with the app crashing. The question is, how on earth do I actually get in touch with a human being from the support team?!??!?

I’ve followed all of the instructions on the support pages to download crash logs, etc. but it’s totally unclear to me how or where to send these files.

So you’re assuming 2 things:

  1. Zwift has a support team
  2. It has humans on it


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Try some other browsers. I’ve seen reports that it doesn’t always work with some of them.

Assuming you get the chat window to open, you will have to battle the robot until it gives up and lets you open a support case. Do not give up before the robot surrenders.

Thanks for the suggestion, I would never have thought of that. Unfortunately, I’m getting the same thing with both Chrome and Edge.

Hmm… it’s working for me in Safari on mac, but not in Firefox. Try a phone or tablet? Sorry you are having this experience - it should be more reliable.