Using Neo with Canyon Aeroroad

(Tim RO4H ZF) #1

This isn’t directly related to ZWIFT but since I use the Neo to ride using ZWIFT … so is it possible to attach a Canyon Aeroroad SF CSX with 12 x 142 thruaxel to a TACX Neo? I have contacted TACX and they don’t respond. Does anyone in the ZWIFT community know if this is possible? And if so, how/what is needed? Thank you!

(Steve Copeland) #2

Yes it is. My Defy has the same config and fits on fine. You need to order the 12x142 thru axle from a Tacx dealer and then it just slips on just fine.

I got mine here in the UK.




(Tim RO4H ZF) #3

Do you take the black adapters off on either side an slip the axel through the Neo and then this screws into the frame on the right side? My frame doesn’t have a hole on the right drop out so the axel attaches to the frame and the spacers are then used to get s proper fit? I’m new to thru axels and already bought the wrong adapter (with a skewer that needs to go through the right dropout per the recommendation from Tacx Support. Thanks for your help! Tim

(Steve Copeland) #4

Yes, thats how mine fits.


(Tim RO4H ZF) #5

So I figured out how to attach it using the recommend skewer (T2835 axle adapter. To get the skewer to fit you need to remove a plug on the right drop out which also holds the derailleur. After removing the plug you need to replace the screw that holds the derailleur. The little plug/ cap was the problem. Thanks for your help and if anyone has a problem attaching their Canyon to the Neo just drop me a line. Thanks again. Tim

(Hendrik Liebau) #6

Hi Tim, what exactly do you mean with “you need to replace the screw that holds the derailleur”?

(Tim RO4H ZF) #7

Henrik, On the right chain stay at the derailleur there is a plastic cap/cover between the rear derailleur and the frame that covers the hole for the thru axel. This is attached with a single screw that holds both the rear derailleur to the drop out as well as attached the hole cover to the frame. To get access to the hole in the frame in order to pass the skewer, you need to remove the cover but doing this also removes the rear derailleur. So you need to remove the screw that attached the cover and rear derailleur. After removing the screw you now have a loose rear derailleur and a loose hole cover. Remove both the derailleur and the cover from the frame. Then reattach the derailleur to the frame with the previously removed screw. Now there is a hole that the skewer can pass through to secure the bike to the Neo. Place the plastic cover in a safe place so that you can reattach it to the frame when you take your bike off the trainer.
I hope this is more clear.
Best regards, Tim

(Hendrik Liebau) #8

Thanks, Tim! That definitely clears it up. That’s a pretty inconvenient process when (e.g. in autumn) you’re riding both indoors and outdoors, isn’t it? Before, I used my aluminum road bike with a normal quick release for Zwift. Now that I upgraded that to an Endurace CF SLX I will probably use my cyclocross bike (no disc brakes) instead on the Neo Smart.

(Ryan Werk [X] - CVR (B)) #9

Tim, you may need to do a youtube video on this.  Sounds mucho confusing and a bit of a process.    The cheapest online anyone found the adapter is on the Tacx site?