Tacx Vortex and Canyon Ultimate

I know this is probably not related to Zwift, but as I am Zwifting was thinking that someone could help me. I have Canyon Ultimate and Tacx Vortex trainer. Can I attach it using “Quick release” axle? or should I buy “E-Thru Trainer” axle (https://tacx.com/product/e-thru-trainer-axle/)? What are pros and cons (got confused)?

Thank you

Hi @V_Zhusel

The Tacx Vortex was designed to work on bikes with quick-release axles, so you will definitely need one of those adapters to use your Canyon on it. Which one? You may have to verify with Canyon about the axle thread pitch they use on that bike.

The PDF that Tacx provides is definitely not consumer-friendly. It’s more for bike industry professionals. There’s three important things to get right:

  1. Thru-axle diameter: 99.9% of road bikes with thru-axles produced in 2019 or newer will be 12 mm in diameter front and rear.

  2. Thread pitch: Ask Canyon which of three thread pitches they use: 12 x 1.0 mm (fine thread, or “Syntace” spec) 12 x 1.5 mm (medium thread, or “Shimano” spec) or 12 x 1.75 mm (coarse thread, or “Maxle” spec).

  3. The total length of the axle that came with your bike. In addition to the 142 mm distance between the inside faces of the dropouts, your axle will have additional length to pass through the thickness of left and right dropouts.

So: measure with a ruler the length of the axle that came with your bike from under the “head” to the very end of the threaded part. Select a Tacx adapter axle that’s at least that long. There are spacers that will take up any excess length.

Hello Shuji,

Thank you, for detailed explanation. I will verify details with Canyon.


Did you get a response from Canyon? I’m in the same boat and after the correct e-thru axle to match a Canyon Ultimate with a Tacx Vortex.

Hi Simon,
I tried, but they could not help. So, I just double checked everything and ordered T1707 e-thru trainer axle M12x1 and it worked. Please note, that I have DT Swiss wheels.

On Canyon’s website it says the thread pitch is 1.0mm for bikes that came with DT Swiss wheels.