Zwift Hub Classic with 135mm Thru Axel

Hi. I’m looking to use my Rose DX Team cyclocross bike with my Zwift Hub Classic trainer. The bike uses a 135mm DT Swiss thru axel system, so with the 142mm adapter, my axel isn’t long enough. Are there any other adapters or options I can use to get my bike on my Zwift Hub?

I haven’t heard of that for the Zwift Hub. Available for Garmin/Tacx though. I suppose you could have something custom made that would fit the Hub.

Hello @Martin_Crosby1 welcome to Zwift forums.

A bike that uses a 135 mm rear axle spacing and a 10 mm thru axle? That’s one of the road / CX bike axle standards that came out in the mid-2010 between the time they were deciding what standards to settle on after 10x135 mmm QR and before 142x12 mm thru axle became the norm.

The trainer industry never hedged its bets while the bike industry was figuring things out, so I’m not aware of many trainer brands that support 135 x 10 mm thru axle bikes.

Thanks for the quick response! I think it’s a 2017 CX model. so this fits your theory on the pre-standardisation axel sizing. I’ll either look at a getting a 7mm shorter custom adapter made (as @Paul_Southworth suggests), hook-up my MTB bike (which isn’t really the ride I wanted), or part company with the Zwift Hub. Thanks again!