Help for Zwift setup

Hi There,

Thinking about getting into Zwift, so, just wondering what I need to get running.
What I have is Garneau Axis 2 ROad Bike. I think it’s 10-speed cassette.

After some research, I believe Tacx Neo 2T would be the best option for me.
I wonder what else’s do I need to get?

  1. Do I purchase the 10-speed cassette that’s bundled up/offered on the website?
  2. Is my bike the “Quick Release Skewer” or "Thru Axle Skewer? I am confused about this. They said I need an adapter for “Thru-Axle Skewer”? Do I need it? Do this adapters come with Neo 2T or I have to find them?
  3. Do I need the ANT + Bundle cable? What does it do? I am gonna run Zwift on my Laptop hooked to my TV or directly on Tablet most likely…
  4. Do I need anything more?

Any help much appreciated!

Hey @Jacob_Hakobyan, welcome to the forums.

There is a great guide on

I can’t tell from the link you posted about your bikes rear axle. A quick release is most common but through axles are becoming more available on new bikes. A quick release will have a lever to release the tension and then you can unscrew it, a through axle will need a tool to release it.
Quick release looks like this, and I assume the Neo 2T comes with a stainless steel version (don’t use the one that came with your bike, its probably aluminum).


I have one very particular question.

I just purchased Tacx Neo 2T Smart Trainer.
I also have speed/cadence/heart rate monitors along with Wahoo Element Roam bike computer.

I am planning to use Zwift app on my windows laptop. Do I need the ANt+ Bundle cable? My laptop, bike computer and speed/HR/Cadecne sensors have Bluetooth, so, do I still need that cable?

Any inout guys?

First off, with the Neo 2T the only additional measurement device you might need is the HRM. The Neo will calculate your power output (which, together with some other factors like weight, height, gradient, in-game equipment, will determine your in-game speed) and cadence. And if your computer will pick up the BT signals from the Neo and the HRM without issue you are probably fine. The general consensus on the forum, though, seems to be to use ANT+ when you can, as it is more stable.

Hi Nigel,

Thanks for the reply.
By computer picking up BT signal, you mean the Laptop PC, not the bike computer, right?
Would I even need my bike computer running, probably no I assume…

So, it seems it’s a good idea to get the add-on ANT+ cable then regardless…

Yes, I mean the PC. There should be no need for the bike computer.