User-selectable monitor

We are running two neos side by side, one PC, two monitors. The problem is that the fullscreen mode ends up on the wrong monitor for one of us, and it is getting to be a real hassle to drop out of fullscreen mode, restart every time we switch.

Would it be possible to either get the fullscreen mode to appear on the same monitor where the login screen was shown (so we can drag it to the correct monitor before clicking “lets go”), or a dropdown where we can select the monitor to use if multiple monitors are connected?

Today the first monitor is always used, so one of us has to run in windowed mode. That wouldn’t have been so bad if a restart was not required.

If I recall correctly, full screen will run on the last screen, that was run in window mode and maximized.

Tried that maybe?

Games always use your main monitor for for full screen.

Download Borderless gaming app and run zwift in windowed mode. then you can set where Zwift should open by default. You wont even know you are in windowed mode.


I would like this too. My main monitor is in my home office, the 2nd monitor is in the garage. When it launches on the main screen I can’t see it to easily move it.

If running windows you can use “WIN + Shift + Left” to move the window to the left screen. Having the option to select which screen it launches on would be better.