Use Apple Watch - without being a scientist

Hi There,

I‘m new to Zwift and need some advice. My setup: Tacx Flux2, iPad, Apple Watch Ultra, iPhone.

In a perfect world - which I know is whishfull thinking - I would like to connect the iPad with the Tacx and with the Watch and that‘s it……

Current sometimes running configuration:
Tacx with iPad → perfect
Connecting the watch with the companion app on the iPhone, and the iPhone is connecting to the iPad. It is only working 80% to show the heart rate on the iPad.

So what is the correct way to connect iPad/Apple Watch to see the heart rate in the Zwift app on iPad.

Please let me know
Thank Markus


Seriously, the Apple Watch companion app isn’t being worked on by Zwift and is either officially or unofficially discontinued.

It’s a shame because like you (and probably many others) I have an Apple Watch and when the HR monitoring works, it’s fantastic.

Add in that watchOS 10 adds a lot of additional fitness metrics for indoor cycling and it makes it a real sad situation for the Apple Watch app.

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