Heart Rate Monitor - Ipad & Tacx Vortex

Hi all,

I use Zwift via an Ipad (running iOS) and also a Tacx Vortex turbo trainer and want to get a heart rate monitor which would work with this set up.

When I’m out on the road I’ve got a Garmin 1000 and heart rate monitor which pairs up with this. Is there any way I can get the heart rate monitor to work with my Zwift setup or what heart rate monitors could I purchase which would work?

Thanks for any responses in advance!


Hi Alex. I believe there is a way to get your ant+ heart rate monitor to work. However it is probably cheaper to buy a Bluetooth heart rate monitor.
If you still want to pair ant + I believe this will work.
You will first need an apple camera adapter. (basically lighting to USB) there are cheap options on the market but the apple one will work without issues.
You will then need a USB data hub. This is a loop hole to get around that your ipad possibly will not recognise the USB devices as Apple program them not to due to the power requirements the USB device may require.
Finally you will need an Ant+ USB adapter. Plug it into the USB data hub and you should be able to use ant+ devices. I used this method to get my ipad to recognise my guitar and sampler in garage band.
I hope this helps.