Compatiable heart rater monitor

(Timothy Willis) #1

Hello. I seem to be reading conflicting information on what heart rate monitor will work. I used the Zwift app on my iPad Pro with a Tacx Satori Smart Trainer. What hear rate monitor do I need in order to work with this, and do I also need an ANT+ dongle, but not sure where that would go, if I do? Can’t plug it into to iPad.



(Paul Allen) #2

I would recommend the Wahoo Tickr, it broadcast in both Ant+ and Bluetooth.

If you get the Wahoo Tickr you will not need an Ant+ dongle for your iPad.

(Timothy Willis) #3

OK great, thanks. Just to confirm, it’s this one: ?

(Paul Allen) #4

He is a comparison between the Tickr models:


(Timothy Willis) #5

Thanks Paul.

(Tyler Shannon) #6

Zwift on iOS will work with a HRM that broadcasts over BLE, or over ANT+ when using the ANT+ key. Something like the Tickr would work great!