Ipad, Apple Watch (HR monitor)

I’ve been trying to pair my Apple Watch with Zwift on ipad. No luck.

I’m following the guide from the Zwift support-pages

I never get to the point where Zwift will ask for health permissions. It never appears.

Any ideas?

Unless something has changed recently, Apple Watch does not natively broadcast HR. I think there are some apps you can use to do it but I never tried it with my Apple Watch.

You can try heartbeatz (it’s a small puck that rebroadcast your heartrate from your smartwatch over ant+ and bluetooth). So far I have used that outside with my wahoo computer and it’s been working fine. I’m planning to use it with the Zwift for this winter.

I recently started doing it.

You need a device running the companion app, such as your phone. Install the BLUE COMPANION Zwift Watch app, not orange.

Start Zwift on your iPad, start the companion app, pair. It’s also confusing because it won’t really pair or show BPM until you are riding.

It’s a bad setup.

In the end, because I needed it for TrainerRoad, I just bought the ECHO Heart Rate app from the App Store.

It will broadcast the Apple Watch HR as if it’s Bluetooth and both Zwift and TR see it as a normal HR monitor. $15, but flawless and simple.

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