Apple Watch Series 4 - Zwift Companion App

(Alasdair Scott #1

Have installed Zwift on Apple iPad, iPhone X and the companion App on Apple Watch Series 4. All good. Works like a charm with my lovely new WattBike Atom.

In order to use Apple Watch as HeartRate monitor while connected to Zwift on iPad, I read that I need to install Zwift Companion App also.

Companion App installs on iPhone no problem - but I do not see the option to install the Companion App for Apple Watch with the Watch App on my phone. I can see the regular Zwift Watch App but not Companion App.

Zwift on iPad can see my Watch and pair but gets no HR data - presumably it needs the Companion App instead, but seems to be no way to install it!

Running latest versions of the OS (Watch 5.1.2, Phone 12.1.2)

Any help greatly appreciated.

(🍺B G ) #2

Hey Alasdair!

We have a couple handy guides about using the Apple Watch on our knowledge base!

There’s this one about the initial set up, and then there’sthis one on troubleshooting.

Give those a read and let me know if you have any more questions!