USA cycling kit

Is there a code for a USA cycling kit, in honor of mrs. Dygert Owen and company’s epic showing?..if not there should be👍🏻…if there already is and I’m just not tech savvy enough to locate it in my old age, plz disregard question😂

There is but it has to be won in the USA national championship race.
I don’t remember who won this year. Here’s a quick pic

Ok Holden C. and Angela P.

Yupper Zee I remember that one—-saw this on some other site and thought I missed a code or something…thx

Maybe for a USA team? like a junior development team?
There should be an official ‘handbook’ of updated jerseys.
Zwift has team uniforms for all participating teams.
Maybe someday, we will each have a ‘custom’ jersey.
I have well over 100 now.