Let's have national kits!

Hi. It would be so nice, if we could unlock national kits for our riders.

Of course the greatest option would be if there was a custom jersey builder, so we could just design everything, but this is probably to much to ask for.

So: At least give us the option til ride in our national outfit :)


Best regards :slight_smile:


i certainly like the custom builder, as on an other platform i used before zwift.

It is great to be creative and could be incorporated into the points system to use those points to buy color or patterns or such like.


Oh I agree. I just think, it will be much more easy for the developers to make national kits, so we more easily can recognize each other. For instance we are talking about making a danish Zwift team. It would be cool, if we could ride in the original jerseys

This could sort out another issue with some people who live in unions and don’t like each other much, like the UK.

They are all asking for their own national flag rather the union jack, the rules of the standards used are fine by me (I live in scotland by the way).

So, the flag is UK and the jersey is, say, scotland or whatever, 

The spanish / catalan issue solved in the same way, … peace at last!!!

We can have the same for the states of the US and the dutchies of germany, wow, what opportunities, … i go and get a beer now.

I see this as a potentially good revenue stream for Zwift. Zwift could partner with the companies that make the various national kits out there as well as the national cycling associations to offer the national kits that can be unlocked by a code on Zwift, like for example the Cyclops kit or the Wahoo kit. 

Using my nationality, I’ll take the Canadian national kit which is made by Louis Garneau. So partner with Garneau and the Canadian cycling Association to offer the kit on Zwift. Even if it required the Zwifter to pay a few bucks extra to unlock the kit, I would be cool with that, within reason of course. 

Maybe there are too many contractual things and other complications that would prevent this being implemented, but it would be cool if it we had it.