Discontinued/Prior Event Kits

Seems I’m always seeing cool kits on other riders only to find out it was from a previous event or a club that hasn’t been active for 1-2 years. Some of these are great looking kits & had I been paying closer attention at the time would have likely pursued earning them.

Is there any way to bring these back somehow? Not necessarily looking for a list of discontinued kit codes, but perhaps some way to earn them, like make a random discontinued kit one of the options on the wheel at the end of Alpe, or somehow tie to another event?

Generally speaking no but sometimes the kits are part of a yearly event so you need to keep your eyes peeled.

Is there one in particular you were after?

Several, actually. A few that come to mind: WEDU, GTCC, CHPT3, INEOS (older orange kit). As I understand it the INEOS kit was tied to an academy-like program a while back. The others are club-specific & presumably available through club-sponsored events, but when I look online I don’t see any activity more recent than 2021-22.

In those cases, the kit should be removed from Zwift completely if the club isn’t active.

It’s not possible for new clubs to have custom kit without meeting the requirements which don’t fit all scenarios properly (some IRL clubs are invitation only).

So to keep things fair a clean out of kits from inactive clubs would be reasonable.

For the other jerseys it would be nice to have those events run again, or even have them on demand like some kind of workout.

I thought that as well, yet I see WEDU regularly, & saw GTCC, CHPT3 withing the last few days. I know WEDU club is alive & (apparently) well, just don’t see any events. The others…don’t see anything to indicate activity.

OK, Found activity for WEDU, so that’s one I can still earn.

The GTCC is still active too.

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You just have to be vigilant in the events listings.

Thank you!

Sean Malia

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