Uploading problem

Did a great smash of epic kom today, well, great for me. I finished my spin when I got to the top of KOM and saved and exited. Problem was it didn’t save to strava? I can see it in the companion app, but I can’t open it like you can normally open a spin. Is it gone or can I upload it or what’s the story with it? cheers

You can download the fit file and upload it to strava.

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Hi @de_broz welcome to Zwift forums.
Shuji at Zwift HQ here. As noted - you can manually upload your FIT file to third party sites like Strava. Instructions are here

One thing to note: I’m looking at your session logs on our server from today, and I’m seeing a bunch of logins from two different computers: a Macbook Air 7 and an iPhone7. There’s not enough corresponding log outs, and that’s a problem.

Were you having problems running the game app on one device and you were trying out the other one to troubleshoot? If so, let us know what’s going on so we can help.

When you have two or more computers logged in to the game on the same account at the same time, weird things happen like achievements not being credited. The server logs everything from the first login to the last clean log out (aka the “save and upload” at the end of your session) with no regard to which device was used to log in/out. Please always close out your session before starting another.

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2 nights in a row now and again it dropped tonight, its really annoying. I failed to load last nights one and tonight it dropped 2km from the sprint finish, can you help as to why it fails?

Put your log files into here: https://zwiftalizer.com/

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Maybe when a new Zwift session starts it should check for existing sessions and/or close existing sessions, or somehow force the current session to be a new session. Maybe it already does that since sometimes when I open Zwift it asks if I want to save the previous session, maybe it just needs to be more robust than this.

Good morning, I also had synchronization problems yesterday and to save the training session … the distance, height difference, time have been saved in zwift, but it does not allow me to enter the session to see the data of power, speed, … . and at the end of the session it has not been synchronized either with the strava app or with the garmin app. From zwift I cannot access the data to download it as.fit and upload it manually. I hope they solve these problems quickly because I think they are quite serious. Thank you very much and I wait for a solution from zwift.

Good Morning,
Yesterday, 15th of April, I had the same issue as discribed above. During Zwifting (Workout Build me Up) no issues. As I wanted to end ride and Save, it went into a loop and crashed. When I check MyZwift, I cannot access this activity (duration 50 min is displayed however workout was 1h03 min), so a manual upload is also not possible. Before the workout the app updated, perhaps the issue is linked.

best regards and Ride On!

It has happened me again tonight, this is 3 out of 3 now and I’m getting pissed. last 2 have been 7 km from the end. Zwift just turns off on the laptop and I’m done, can’t get back in. Is it a time out thing in zwift or what?

@de_broz @Kristof_De_Smet and @Joan_Galende_Vives
The two of you are on two different platforms (MacOS and WindowsOS), so I want to be clear on what’s happening for each of you - we may be talking about three completely different issues on this thread.

Kristof is specificaly saying that his app is crashing (Windows10). Please see the support hub article on game crashes.

de_broz - what does “failed to load” mean, exactly? If you are able to save and exit as you describe in the first post, it’s not a crash, exactly. Can you describe what’s happening in more detail, please?
Also - have you tried uploading your log files to zwiftalizer.com as Paul suggested? This will tell you a great deal about what’s happening during your session. Here’s how to locate your log file.