Upload to Strava and Zwift Dashboard Fail

Using the PC version,

Last 5 rides in a row when I am finished, I click “I’m Done” and “Upload to Strava”
The application closes, which is normal, but It does not automatically upload to strava or Zwift dashboard, I cannot get past level 4, every time I do it crashes upon finishing and my totals are not saved. I can usually salvage the file and upload to strava after by finding the file in my documents folder.

I experienced the same crash after “Upload to Strava” on my first attempt last night.

I’ve got my account connected. Might still be some issues in the connection side to upload the fit files. At least they are being saved.

Same issue for me.  I am also at level 4.  Luckily I hook up by edge 500 so I can download the ride that way but its clearly not the same.

Same here. Mac OS X Version