Updating Zwift

(George Muenz) #1

The responses on updating Zwift on a Mac are confusing and make no sense. I run Zwift just like any other application on my Mac. My current version ia 1.0 (11) and I see that the current version as of 3/30 is 1.0.17198

This should be fairly easy?


(Gerard te Hennepe) #2

Having the same problem for a while…
Missed races due to not updating, resulting in biking an other parcours, starting in the water…
The only solution so far is following the blog for knowing when an update is released. Deleting Zwift and reinstalling it.
Not much trouble but not the way it should be.
I have an ticket running with support.

(Eric Oshlo) #3

Interesting. Zwift downloads updates if available and logs me in automatically on both of my Mac laptops. There actually are two different Zwift apps on a Mac. The one in the Applications folder is a very small App that does very little other than to launch the main Zwift App located in ~/Library/Application Support/Zwift. 

I wonder if one of these has failed to update in the past and they are now out of sync, although I would think that a complete uninstall/reinstall would cure that.