Zwift App not Updating on mac

(Jordan Bow) #1



I am currently running Zwift on my iMac however whenever an updated version is released, the app doesn’t auto-update.


I’m aware that there is no auto update option but from what i’ve read, the app should update itself when opened on an iMac.


I am currently still on Version 1.0.16400 and if I want to update then I have to uninstall and re-downlaod the latest version.  I have also ways had this problem and it is a bit tedious.


I can still use Zwift on an outdated version however the course schedule is only Watopia.


I am currently running macOS Sierra (Version: 10.12.3) however as stated, I have had this same issue on different version of my operating system.


Is this a known issue or any ideas on how I rectify it?





(Jason K) #2

Make sure you’re running from ZwiftLauncher not ZwiftApp. It’s especially easy to confuse them if you’re opening Zwift via a shortcut, as the shortcut could be pointing at the wrong one.

(George Muenz) #3

This does not make any sense. I have Zwift running as an application just like any other application on my Mac. I double click, it launches and I do my ride? Where is this Zwift Launcher? My current version 1,0 11 and your blog says current version as of 3/30 is 1.0.17198


(Jordan Bow) #4

Hi George,


I had placed a shortcut for the Zwift App into my Dock and whenever I launched from there I was getting the outdated version (if there had been an update).


I removed the App from the Dock and I know do a Spotlight Search for Zwift and run the Top Hit.  On doing this, it runs the program and downloads the latest version in the process.


Hope that makes sense.



(George Muenz) #5

I do not have the Zwift App in my Dock, just in the Applications Section of Finder. As you can see, I launch from that, and still get the old version.

Can’t attach a screenshot for some reason

(Jordan Bow) #6

I can’t comment about that as I’ve never launched from Finder. Try doing a Spotlight Search for Zwift and run the top hit. That works for me. Hopefully it will work for you.

If not, hopefully Zwift Staff will pick up your comments. If not, open up another thread.

(George Muenz) #7

Thanks, tried that too, searching from Spotlight and then launching the Top Hit. Same result.



(Eric Oshlo) #8

Interesting. Zwift downloads updates if available and logs me in automatically on both of my Mac laptops with no issues or intervention required.

There actually are two different Zwift apps on a Mac. The one in the Applications folder is a very small App (known as the Zwift Launcher) that does very little other than to perhaps check for updates and launch the main Zwift App located in ~/Library/Application Support/Zwift.


I wonder if one of these has failed to update in the past and they are now out of sync. That apparently happened on one of my laptops. I cured it by completely uninstalling Zwift and reinstalling a freshly downloaded copy, which installs the latest versions of the Launcher and the main App.