Game not being updated on MacOS [SOLVED]

On macOS, I’m not being notified on new game updates and I need to rerun the installer to get new updates.
Is this a known bug? Is it just me or all macOS users?

Do you have app auto-updates disabled?
Is your Mac work-issued and administered by a corporate IT department?
Do you have a software firewall, malware apps, or other security processes running?


Thanks for your reply.

I do believe my app auto update settings are OK. Here are screenshots:


It is a private Mac and I don’t think that I have any non-standard security features activated.

In fact, I do get occasional app updates from App Store for the OS and other applications.

However, Zwift update is not an App Store update. The updater runs from within the game.

In fact 2: I have BigRingVR installed as well and it does have a similar in-game update service that does work OK. It does warn me if my version is not up-to-date and ask me to update it.

It is just Zwift that doesn’t behave well. In fact, I know there is a new update now (48969) and my current version was still 48638 when I used it this morning.



There are two separate apps - the launcher app and the game app. If you are using the launcher app to start your session, you’ll get prompted when an update is available.

However, if you have pinned the game app icon to your dock, instead of the launcher app, you are essentially bypassing the launcher and you won’t get the update. Please check how you’ve got that set up.



I think you nailed it! Indeed my pinned quick launch was the Zwift App installed in my home folder rather than the one from /Applications. Once I fixed this, another old issue went away which was requesting me to enter my password every single time I start Zwift.

Now I’ll wait for the next update but I believe it will be ok.

Thanks a lot,

Thank you for coming back to close the loop!

Ride On!

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