Update Warning Email


Would you be kind enough to screenshot this and start a new bug report post?

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I did just get this in the Companion:


OK, too late for you, and for me. But it should be in time for many people (assuming they check Companion some time before launching Zwift).

Additionally, our email team jumped on this issue after @Daren flagged it up here, so fewer people should see this confusing email. hrh


Just checked mobile, on Android, and it is showing 1.0.48307

Is mobile a different version or did it update again somehow over the last few hours?

My 6 year old PC, Win 10, with a GTX 1650 bought last year for Zwift - start time for Zwift <1 min, updating background 1-2 mins. Internet connection with 60Mbit/s.
I have no issues, perhaps just a lucky guy, but please do not bash Zwift for things they cannot influence…

Thanks to everybody who helps us not to get insane being locked down, for me it is Zwift (not the only, but important one).

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UI is pushed back a few weeks, probably mid to late April.

I totally agree - Whenever an update comes it takes over an hour for me - Win10 (I have 250M internet connection - MS-downloads take seconds). This is totrally unacceptable when you pay for this as a service.

Someone needs to sort this - otherwise I will go elsewhere.


I have a 7 years old PC, 128 GB SSD, Win 10, everything up to date, 50mbit Internet.
Last update in 4 minutes finished.

What are the specs of your PC that you are running Zwift on. It should complete the update in less than a minute.

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I did some googling on this and there appear to be quite a few people with the same problem, especially on the zwift support site…

Link to site?

Again, what are the complete specs of your PC? It should take less than a minute for the update to complete. It is downloaded in the background and then it will install when you open Zwift.

I bought a used PC on ebay for $85: HP Elite 8300 i5-3570 3.40GHz 8GB 128GB SSD Windows 10 SFF Desktop. Then put in a GTX 1650 video card.

Had to also buy a USB wifi dongle, it sits in my basement with not the best signal, and the updates take less than a minute.

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as previously responded…
Dedicated laptop with extension monitor
Lenovo W540 - i7 (2.4G) - 16G ram, SSD
250M Virgin internet - business account - (I.e no contention) - connected to PC via Cable
Most non-zwift downloads take seconds
(I was using a much older laptop - and went to this to try and solve the problem)
Every Zwift update takes this length of time - appalling!

I was trying to use it with my Tacx Neo2 as a 15min warm-up to a gym session with my personal trainer. It finished the update as we finished the gym-session - he just laughed…


if it helps I am only try to use zwift one a week, for the gym warm-up session 15mins) - as it is summer and I like to get out on my road bike. But this time to update makes it all but unusable. I simply run-out of time and get board.

I hear some people mention how it takes forever to update. My updates happen so quickly most of the time I never notice. I can’t even fill a water bottle that quickly.

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Could be an issue with your network cable were you are not getting the full speed. There also could be an issue with the PC. Were you running any other programs or downloads during that time, Windows Updates perhaps?

Yes - lots of others have the problem - goes back many years…
just search on here for ‘Time it takes to load Zwift’

You can read lots of things about just getting started after an update - and I have those problems too, can take 2 to 5 mins before you are ready to start riding from launching the startup app.

Then there is the update too.



That is not a bad computer. I would not think it take more than a minute to start Zwift. Last updat and starting Zwift took less than putting my shoes on.

It may be time for a fresh windows install.


An hour?! There is something seriously wrong with something to do with your internet connection/PC hardware/operating system setup.


It was a clean Win10 install 3 months ago. (it did the latest garbage win10 update with the new browser yesterday!)
It is only used for zwift.