Updates Killing My Exercise Routine

Zwift seems to update all the time.

I have limited time to exercise and the updates kill this opportunity.

Is there any way to avoid these horrible intrusions into my time?

Note: I have a dedicated computer for zwift in my garage that is only turned on when I am ready to exercise. Without going to the extra effort to finding time to do pre-emptive tests of zwift to ensure it is up date. I have to suffer these painful waste of time updates.

The updates only take about a minute to complete, not really that much time.


though i agree it isn’t that much time, it would be nice to have a “skip this time, i’ll do it next time” button that gave you at least 1 chance to avoid the update. sometimes you really are in a time crunch: running late for an event, before work, etc.

if you got one “gimme”, you could skip it that one time and keep to your schedule, and then try to remember to log in before your next timeslot to update.

The problem with this is idea is Zwift introduce new features and routes in the updates, if your software is not the latest you may experience bugs or even not be able to ride the new route that was released.

It would have been nice if we got updates this often, we had 2 updated in the last 6 weeks.

One option would be to boot your computer before you go and put on your cycling shorts and whatever other pre-ride stuff you do


This is what I do.

As long as your network connection is good? The updates don’t take more than a minute MAX.

Where my Zwift laptop is (on the far side of a room over my garage), the WiFi signal can be really spotty. If an update starts, I literally pick the laptop and walk from one side of the room to the other (closer to the router in my living room) before I change my clothes and the update’s completed in the blink of an eye.

Windows 10 updates OTOH? Those will kill you. :roll_eyes:

Time to get a wired connection to the Zwift laptop.

yeah, probably should. That, or a wifi range extender for the second floor. It’s weird, my only problems are with signing in (and that’s only become an issue just recently) and with the updates being slow. Once I’m logged in and riding, everything works fine.

Updates never take more than a minute or two and they actually get me excited because it usually means new features, roads, or equipment to buy in the drop shop!

Embrace the update!


Not for everyone. On my AppleTV with 2.5 mps service, the Giro update took a couple hours to complete. I had to skip the event I had gotten out of bed early to do. I managed to fit it in between other stuff we had going on later in the day.