Update to virtual gears on KICKR v6 with Play controllers problem

I noticed today that after I updated my trainer and then attempted to ride with the new virtual gears feature a weird complication happened. I noticed my brake light on my avatar was constantly on like I was braking while I was not attempting to brake at all. This occurred after I used the ride on button. Don’t know if anyone else is have an issue with that. Wanted to report it.

Hi - I tried the virtual shifting today on my Kickr 6 and did on occasion unintentionally press the brake button next to the shift button. No issues of the brake light staying on. Maybe you have some moisture/sweat causing your issue. So far the Zwift Play controllers work most of the time but do need to recalibrate them to resolve steering issues. I did like the virtual shifting experience on the Kickr 6. I wish the steering and braking can be disabled entirely.

Thank you for your reply. I had no issues yesterday when I completed both a meetup and fondo yesterday. I’m guessing my buggy first experience came from it being my first ride.

Normally my Play controls work fine. They only act up when there’s an update.

Welcome to the Forums @CYN_Aubu_Herd. This is Juan a Zwift colleague. Thanks for using this space to share your concern. Definitely, braking issue messes up your Zwift experience. There could be many reasons that triggered this unexpected behavior with your Zwift Play.

I’m glad to know that now everything works fine. Noteworthy that the updates itself does not cause this behavior. On the other hand, I’d like to share with you the best practices to keep your Zwift Play working efficiently.

  • Wipe down your Zwift Play controllers after use with a dry cloth As @Steve_C5 mentioned, the sweat could have caused it.

  • Ensure your Zwift Play controllers are turned off before cleaning.

  • Avoid using detergents, alcohol wipes, cleaning sprays, or any other cleaning products on your Zwift Play controllers.

  • Do not remove, disassemble, or modify the Zwift Play batteries.

  • Keep your Zwift Play controllers’ firmware up to date. In this regard you did a great job by updated them. The update improves connection stability, adds diagnostics to streamline troubleshooting, and includes an updated LED status for firmware updates.

In case you need assistance in the future, please do not hesitate to contact us at zwift.com/contact-us. The support guys are always around there.

I just bought the zwift play controllers.
Updated firmware on wahoo app.
Updated Companion app.
Controllers work.
But no virtual shifting.
Is there something else you need to do to get it working?
Somebody said a message pops up on Zwift after update, but I’ve not had one.

Is the trainer paired via Bluetooth?

Have you turned on Virtual Shifting in the Zwift Settings?

Yes I pair trainer through companion app via bluetooth. I have apple tv so won’t connect to all devices and zwift play. Doing it this way through bluetooth they all connect.

I have the same issue. Controller works but no shifting connected through bluetooth. Anyone has zwift phone number?

Hi @Filipp. Welcome to Forums. This is Juan here from Zwift. I understand how essential it is for your to get you Kickr up and working with the Zwift Play to enjoy the virtual shifting feature.

I see that you contacted us and the model of your Kickr is V5. As you’ve already figured out, the firmware update for this model has not been released. I’d like to suggest you stay tuned on Wahoo firmware notes release for Kickr V5.

On the other hand, we have enthusiastic community members waiting for it. You can also periodically check other threads for updates from our community. I think this thread might be more suitable for you. Take Care!