Update on 5/4/16 issues

since the up date this morning (5/4) bluetooth connection keeps dropping, I am using iphone 6s, with latest up dates, macbook, the trainer is a Cycleops Power sync smart trainer with bluetooth. …no issue until today. Anybody else has experienced this?

I’m also having issues with the iPhone App’s connection to the game after this morning’s update. Initially the phone saw I was riding and was working fine. Logged me out after a few minutes. I was able to quit and re-start. the app and It once again recognized I was riding. After a couple minutes it logged me out again. Restart, but this time it could not re-establish a link. Multiple re-attempts. no dice.


Ok good luck goodluck 

Hi all –

It would be great if you could open a support ticket for what you are seeing here, and specifically, it would be great if you could include your log.txt files (located in your \Documents\Zwift\Logs folder) with the ticket.  The log files have information in it that we may be able to use to diagnose what is happening.




Thanks, just did it.


Having the same issue. Created case and included log files

Same issue here

Also, a few in facebook groups reporting drop outs of their sensors from the game since the update, me included. I will have to get log files off of computer tonight after work.

Same here. I can not get the program to launch. My computer just gives me “Swift.com is not responding”. Very aggravating. 

Same problems here. The iPhone app is not communicating with the online software.