new software download causing bluetooth and mobile link to drop and become unstable

(Jerry Bob) #1

downloaded the new software yesterday and now have issue with bluetooth and mobile link becoming unstable. the bluetooth connects but drops almost immediately when starting a ride. same issue for mobile link. drops and then comes back. no issues with ant+ connectivity. not sure if anyone else having same issues. only had this issue since downloading latest software

(Jon Mayfield) #2

Hi Jerry, we’re seeing some anomalies like you describe too in our data and I think there’s something wrong that affects the connection on certain wifi setups.  We’re going to try and put out a patch in the next 36 hours to see if we can reduce the issue. Sorry for the trouble.


(Jerry Bob) #3

cheers Jon. useful colour. thank you. J

(Doug Blades-Team TNM) #4

Hi Jon,
I had the same issues last night. App connected, dropped, connect, dropped etc. Not only that the display I have from my laptop to TV. I would be riding with group then everyone disappeared, happened twice. Lost power connection once. This was all after recent download. Very frustrating

(Sean Chick-(RWB)) #5

Same issue with Kinetic inride & apple laptop.  All connects fine and as soon as I begin to ride, everything goes flat.

(Hans Bielat) #6

Hi all,

Same thing. Went two months with no issues with my Kinetic Inride. 3 days in a row now it has been dropping several times. This morning after riding for 40 minutes it dropped for the 3rd time and could not get it to re-connect. Please help!

(Sean Chick-(RWB)) #7

I posted to Facebook page, they responded quickly that they are aware of this. It effects Bluetooth trainers like the kinetic inride. They said it should be fixed very soon with a patch. Hopefully it is fixed when I want to ride tomorrow.

(Darren Conrad) #8

Yep, had the exact same problem on my ride earlier today. Bluetooth link mobile iOS app with Kinetic InRide, dropped the connection multiple times.

(Mark M Mermelstein (Zwift HQ)) #9

Hi everyone, 

With the new game version 1.0.11841 released on Sunday, we expect improvements to the mobile pairing (and therefore affected Bluetooth) issues mentioned here. Please let us know if you are still encountering issues. If things are looking better now, please let us know that too! :slight_smile:

Thanks so much!