All Blue Tooth sensors dropping out

I have recently experienced problems with losing my Blue tooth connections.  Everything pairs fine, and then about 15 - 30 minutes into the ride all sensors drop simultaneously.  They will usually reconnect, but only for a short period.  I usually end up finishing my ride on Trainer Road or CycleOps on my ipad with no issues.

I am riding a Power Beam Blue Tooth and MAC and iPhone ap.  Heart rate, power and cadence are all blue tooth.  I have good wifi and wireless connections, so I shouldn’t be dropping my iPhone connection.  Is this a problem with my MAC? Zwift? Other?


I have exactly the same issue, I logged out, logged back in, delete the app reinstall it, same thing happens, 5 min in or 20 min in, every connection drops, suspect it is the iPhone app. It was also uploading non swift pictures from my camera roll

Hi Bruce - It’s not just Mac. It’s happening in PC as well and it’s affecting pairing to mobile phones in general. A fix is currently in test with good results so far. We expect to get this fix out to the community as quickly as possible!

Thanks for your patience and understanding. A fix will be released soon!

Same problems for me, been ok up till recently but problematic over the last few days – is there a release date for the fix ?  

Thanks.  Alan

I hope it’s soon.  Unable to even get rolling before dropping pairing this morning.

Downloaded the new phone ap.  Rode 50km this morning with no issues. 


Thanks Zwift!

Happens to me all the time. I reboot the phone, reboot the computer… I think that i better go to ANT+. The Mobile Link app is problematic.