UPDATE feedback for Kickr users

I have a Kickr and a power meter, so I use the power meter for the speed on the Island and the Kickr for resistance of the profile. The Update has fixed the previous problem I was having where descending I couldn’t produce any more power than 2W/kg no matter how hard I pedaled, so riders were going away from me. Now I can go more.

Climbing seemed easier today on the given gearing, so I wonder if the update has reset the kickr to 50% default, or maybe I just felt fresher today?

Love the new table with my PB’s for the last 30 days. Although, it did show power users with a power bolt next to their name when it shouldn’t have.

Good update Zwift!

Hi Brett, we aren’t aware of any bugs with the gearing being changed.  In the config screen you should be able to see where the slider is - does it appear to be where you set it to last?

Re: power bolt next to users names, what was the bug you were seeing?  Who had lightning bolts that shouldn’t?   Are you saying the ‘riders nearby’ names with lightning bolts didn’t match what was in the leaderboards?

Will have to check the slider next time i log into ride. Don’t know how to get to the pause screen otherwise.

The power bolt appeared on the left list on the in game, it appeared next to some names but not others in my 1st lap, so I assumed those that didn’t had zpower, then in the reverse lap I noticed that the 3 names had the lightening bolts in that same list on the left (only 3 riders on reverse lap at that time), but the name who was the KOM in game was showing up on my phone App and the list on the right as zpower. So I am confused if he had zpower or a power meter.

On the list to the Left as seen here in this screen grab by another user S.Lee has no lightening bolt, however on the reverse lap later he has one. Might be a bug on reverse lap?