Phone icon added to riders using the Mobile Zwift Link on their mobile device

Twice now I’ve ridden and that phone icon has been there when I have not had a phone logged in.

Not sure I see the worth in it in any-case, would rather know who has a ‘real’ power meter over there.

Hi Markus,


You can already see who has a “real” power meter on the RHS - as they have a lightnight bolt next to their w/kg readings (Granted it doesn’t distiqnuish between QuarQ and a power turbo like Kickr), but it still shows it.

Hope that helps - ride on




Hi Matthew, I did see the little lightning bolt symbol but thought maybe it included sudo power (derived somehow) as-well, as there still seem to be plenty of riders able to kick out massive W/kg that show the zigzag.

I decided to C.H.E.A.T on Saturday at the end of my session, (in the name of beta testing :wink: ) entered the pause screen, then settings and lowered my weight to 90lbs approx 50%. I still couldn’t compete for the KOM, maybe because every time my W/kg went orange I bailed out and backed off the ~300W I was producing (what’s that, 7.5w/kg or there about) as it felt very naughty and wont do it again. I still only came 4th with 25-30 people on the island.

I’m pragmatic in saying that maybe these people are genuine, I’m a fairly average UK cat 4/3 racer so know I’m not ‘the best’ but I think this will make or break the Zwift experience for allot of people. Being able to have some belief that they were fairly beaten Or have half a chance of getting somewhere near a segment time.

Probably an unachievable goal for the developers as cheaters always going to cheat. (or there are an extraordinary high proportion of undiscovered talent on the island :wink: I’m thankful these people don’t turn up to my local races, cycling is hard enough as it is.



I’ve checked with the phone app to see what jersey wearers are using and its almost always zpower and very often someone 58 years old or whatever. A lot fly under the radar doing attainable power levels, but probably not something they’re up to doing.

I’d probably get beaten anyway as I’m not great, but id rather it not be someone else equally not great or worse buzzing by me and unlocking bike achievements I haven’t. :slight_smile:

RE phone icon being there when “I have not had a phone logged in”, I found out that you have to physically log out with the phone app. closing the app, removing it from phone memory is not sufficient.

You must use the logout function from the app menu.

Yes zpower are the bulk of the questionable superhuman efforts, but there are some that exhibit the power symbol too. I’m just jealous that I cant do a lap of the island at 4.5W/kg and on top of that get the sprint and the kom.