up and cycling not !!!!!

(Doug Maier) #1

Took a few days just get program to load on my Mac Pro Book 2016.

Start a FTP test and EGR mode stop working 

Then the Site Crash and can’t  get it to reload .

Not Happy with this ZWIFT Stuff 


(Matt Johnston) #2

I had an issue with my iMac with crashing but uploaded a Nividia graphic card update and it sorted it.


ERG mode - I feel your pain, it seems a bit variable, I have a feeling it interacts with the Wahoo app on some way that messes it up, but usually I can get it working in the end.


Its worth sending them support requests - they solved my 2 problems quickly

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #3

Hi Douglas,

Yes, please submit a support ticket. There isn’t any specific information in this post that we can use to troubleshoot and it could be any number of issues.