Unsolicited Emails r2022

Is anyone else getting unsolicited emails from Zwift? I recently started again and despite my account existing for 7+ year and always having all email preferences set to “No” they are sending me emails (first one before I rejoined so that rejoining was not the trigger).

I’ve raised it with support twice now (once on the original email, and after I reactivated and started receiving them more regularly). They are now saying that my request to unsubscribe has been successfully submitted and is under review and will take a few days. Which is not that helpful as I have never (for 7+ years anyway) subscribed, and this was originally raised o the 27 October and that is more than a few days ago.

(Apparently threads cannot have the same title as any other thread ever? Weird).

See Can't unsubscribe from emails

Ta - looks like genearal malise rather than anything personal

Pretty clear breach of various data protection regulations.