Unofficial Everest records

My son did an Everest last monday (2/1-2023). Why is it not on the unofficial ranking list on zwiftpower?

I think it needs to be in a event to be on Zwiftpower

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Mine wasn’t an event and it’s in there. :man_shrugging:
@Robert_kvistgaard_DB Maybe it just needs time to be processed? Also make sure he is signed up on Zwiftpower.

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I guess it has been a week, though…

Is the activity private?

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I’m pretty sure it’s not private. But I’m wondering how it will be transfered to Zwiftpower. As I see it, only events are transfered to Zwiftpower. Right now it’s not on Zwiftpower at all.

Will it come from Zwift or maybe Strava?

All your ride’s fit files (including non-event) are replicated into ZP - go to your Profile > Activities and it should be listed there. I have no idea whether the Everesting records in ZP use that file or some other data from Zwift but if it’s not there, that may well point to an issue with the data somewhere. Maybe flick a note to the team - they should be able help.

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Do you have a screenshot, I think I am looking at the wrong place. I did the Alpe more than 60 times but only see 3 in ZP and all three are in a event.

From what I can see other riders with Unofficial Everests entries don’t have an entry on their profile page. As Dean suggests you probably need to look at his ZP Activity report to see if that shows his 8850m of climbing.

I don’t know the reason why it doesn’t yet show - possibly it does need verification but then there are two others since 2nd January already showing on the list.

I’m going to throw something out there which may, or may not, have a bearing on the entry.

Jacob is under 23 - is he under 18 and if so does ZwiftPower accept long distance records from under 18s - some organistations don’t.

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An actual vEverest? 8848m or whatever it is in one ride?

Zwiftpower shows vEverests at ZwiftPower - Login (“Rankings → Records” in the menu).

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Gerrie, you may only see three in Profile events but have you looked in your Activities tab on ZwiftPower? All 60 should show in there, I think.

I missed that part…oops. No I did not everest. I assumed climbed the alpe.


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I’m under 18, and mine showed.
Edit: I see now ZP has Official and Unofficial sections… mine shows under Official but not Unofficial.

Very good effort and looks like age is not a barrier to having a record entry, thank you.

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When he looks at Activity list in ZP there are only listed rides until April 2021. But could it be that something have changed regarding privacy in Zwift at that time? But all events are up to date, so it seems a bit strange.

Only fit files from public activities are in ZP. That could well be the problem though I thought I did see his activity yesterday though it is private at the moment?!?!?

His Event activities are using Live data and not using fit files as they are private (green bolt whereas public activities are blue bolts)…

I’m not really that knowledgable on specific privacy settings, hope others will comment.

When I try to look at Jacob’s Zwift activity reports he shows as Private. I don’t know if this suggestion will work but try setting Jacob’s account to Public, go into his activity for his Everesting ride and set that to public. Then go back into ZwiftPower, Activities tab and then Update Activity List. I’m not sure if this will pull in an old previously private activity but it might be worth a try. If it does pull the Everesting activity across you may have to wait to see if it then updates it in the records section.

If it does work you can then reset Jacob’s account to Private if that is how he would like it set up.


I ca see that Jacob’s profile in the Companion app wasn’t set to public. It is now. And the activity is also set to public now. I have tried to update activity list in ZP, but nothing happens. I have written to support, so hopefully they can help.