Unlimited FPS in menu


I run Zwift on a strong gaming computer with AMD Radeon RX 7900 XTX. Anytime I’m in the main menu the FPS is for some reason unlimited and shoots up to 700 FPS causing loud fans, GPU temperature of over 100C and high power consumption. Everything works fine when I launch any map, the problem is only in main menu.

Is there a way to fix this?

I haven’t had an AMD card since the ATi days, but can you use the Radeon software to limit FPS in Zwift specifically, or force enable vsync?

Nvidia cards can do it quite handily (and I highly recommend doing so for many things) using the nvidia control panel and setting up a basic profile for Zwift to limit FPS.

Unlimited FPS is definitely a bugger.

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Yes thanks that did the trick.

For future problem solvers, what I did was enable Radeon Enhanced Sync in AMD Adrenalin for ZwiftApp.exe. I think why I couldn’t figure it out at first was because when changing settings in Adrenalin for Zwift it changed them for ZwiftLauncher.exe instead of ZwiftApp.exe.