Unemployed Badge - Need to ride for 22 days!

I think anything that’s day / time related are all US Pacific Standard Time (GMT-8) based, including changing worlds, and starting of missions. Could be why so many people are missing time from the Movember mission since the mission has not yet started at Zwift HQ.

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Had a similar discussion with their support as well. Did quite some planning to have 14 rides/days with Zwift. The one day I rode before work, or during an extended lunch break, or in the evening.
Because of an evening ride, followed by an early morning ride, this was listed in their system (not my overview) as 2 rides in one (1) day.
When I raised this issue, which is just a bug because they only use the US-time zone, their answer was…“just ride 7 more days to unlock the badge”.
Made me quite…unhappy.

Yup, I got that response too. On another note got the badge today… So rode every day for 22 days to get the ride for 14 days badge! Got a free month though for raising it to Zwift… So not all bad. Can have a day off tomorrow!

I use Apple OS rubitrack to monitor all my activities
Similar problem here , although Zwift and Strava show my actual UK time, after I export/import’/sync the workouts into Rubitrck, I get rides logged at the “virtual location” of the ride, ie USA Eastern Time for the NewYork environment.
If I have also recorded the workout by alternative means, ie on my Garmin or Apple Watch, I get “duplicate” workouts at different time.

Has anyone from Zwift confirmed that the Unemployed achievement is based on US Pacific time? I’ve been riding every morning (AUS time) for the past 15 days except one day last week where I rode in the afternoon. Still waiting for that achievement to be unlocked…

How far have you been riding?

Typically 20-30 km each day. The shortest one was 12 km (Yorkshire, Tour of Tewit Well)

Just checking, the official word is 10k per day for riding, running is a little more complicated.

For anyone wondering about the running side of things: Unemployed badge and running

Is that definitely true though? I know lots of people SAY it’s 10km per day, but as far as I know, Zwift have never actually confirmed that. And I know of at least one person who has posted online what distances they did when getting the Unemployed badge and on two days they did less than 10km but still acheived it.

It’s actually more complicated than that. You can get credit for running under 10k in some instances.

Wes and Shooji have confirmed it for the biking side, the running side you can sometimes get credit for going shorter. The official word for running though is 10k.

To quote myself in that thread:

I did a 7km run in 33 minutes and that counted as one of the days. However, a 4km run in 22 minutes did not. So I’m not sure if it is time or distance based but the line is somewhere between those two runs.

Not sure what’s so complicated about that, I think I provided a much better answer than “10km.”

As of right now Zwift’s Official comment on this (I have asked) is 10k for both running and biking.

The complicated part comes when under what circumstances does running under 10k count. In some cases you need to run 10k and in others less will count.

I am getting this info straight from Zwift.


I’ve just earned that badge - after 17 consecutive days of riding
All rides EXCEPT ONE were done in the morning - typically between 0600 and 1000 ZE10.
The exception in that period was on day 7 out of 17, and started at 1611 ZE10, finished ~1635

I’m still trying to figure out what this proves or disproves. Is it evidence that that the achievement is NOT calculated on US Pacific time?

5km worked for me (cycling), despite what this says. And the Addicted one is plain wrong, I didn’t need to do any ‘laps’.

I wasn’t going to respond but there’s just too much misinformation about this achievement and Zwift isn’t stepping in to correct it. So here we go. If you want to take the blue pill, cycle or run 10km per day. If you want to take the red pill, then keep reading.

  1. The 10km minimum is not accurate. Plain and simple. I don’t care what Zwift’s official statement, word, position, etc. is on the achievement, it’s just not correct and the evidence is clear. If you want to take Zwift’s “official” comment on this then take it and do 10km per day to get the achievement. They need to have a minimum and this seems like the simplest solution. Give a distance that’s actually over the minimum so no one tries to do the minimum and say, “Hey I didn’t get this achievement, fix it for me.” Which Zwift can’t actually do (award achievements) and this became quite evident with the route achievements.

  2. The timezone thing is quite simple (even if we don’t know the exact time, but it’s probably midnight PST). This is a server based game and there needs to be an exact rollover for a day. Look at the contest rules on Zwift, they all end around midnight PST. They need to pick a time to end one day and start another. Yes this sucks for those on the other side of the world but Zwift is a US based company in the PST timezone. Even for Norseman contest, a European based contest, it ended at midnight PST. I honestly don’t know the rollover time for a “day” on Zwift, but I’m sure @shooj could let us know.

  3. Laps: The original achievement was suppose to be based on the original hilly route (from what I remember and have read, but it could even be from the Jarvis days). This “lap” was 9.1 km and it needed to be completed for a day on Zwift to count. Now where it becomes interesting is that it was never determined if the “lap” was distance (9.1km) or time (approx. length it would take to complete 9.1km) based. People have said they would do approximately 20-25 minutes of cycling, not complete a lap of the hilly route, and have it count towards their achievement while riding the hilly route. Post above says 5km, I’ve seen 8km on reddit, but I always did over 10km cycling so I don’t know the minimum. With running, I’ve outlined the line is between 4km in 22min and 7km in 33min, not 10km or a lap.

Now apparently this is complicated but I can probably make it more complicated for you. Not saying this is true, but what if the minimum for a day was actually based on how long it would take to complete a distance (maybe 9.1km) with an exact elevation gain (maybe on the hilly route), AND it considered how long it would take based on your FTP, height, weight, bike and wheel selection on Zwift. If that was the case, I too would probably just say cycle 10km per day.

Just so you know I got my info directly from @shooj and @Wes.

I’d hope the completed ride markings on guest world calendar (the lines on the circumference of each date blob) align with the date-based achievements.