Undo End Ride

This may only really be an issue for Apple TV users, because the remote is a nightmare when you’re knackered … but I’m getting quite fed up of accidentally ending a ride while trying to access the settings menu thanks to a combination of sweaty fingers, a terrible remote and a bit of lag.

Especially when it’s a structured workout, this is annoying.

Could we please have an “undo end ride” option so that if you’ve kept pedalling and end up on the ride summary screen you can choose to continue the same one instead?


Hi @Kevin_Evans

Im not a ATV user, but in Windows we have a back button.

Looking at the ATV save screen it look like there may be a back button as well.

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Interesting… I hadn’t noticed that button. I assumed the button would need to be on the previous page to restart the ride (i.e. when you mistakenly click “End ride” it takes you to a ride summary screen and THEN to that page, so I’d expect the back button to take you back to the ride summary rather than continue on).

I’ll give it a go this evening!



Android have the same layout and that button take you back to the pause screen, then you can click back and you will be back to your ride.

The left arrow take you to the Pause screen.

The back button take you back to your ride.

Try it and please let us know. It may be helpful to other users.

Hey @Gerrie_Delport ,

You’re absolutely right - the back button on the save ride screen doesn’t in fact take you back to the ride summary, but instead to the pause screen from where you can resume the ride you ended.

Dreadful UX, but it works - thanks for the tip and hopefully someone else finds this and finds it useful.


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