Exit option of Cancel to return

It seems like there are only two options at the end: Save & Exit or Discard. I would like to have the option to cancel and return to the game. This morning, for example, I must have accidentally touched the orange square on my mounted iPhone while out of the saddle. I had to quit in order to save. I would like to have cancelled and returned to keep going. 

Hi Tim,

There actually is a “Back” button at the bottom of the “Done Riding” screen that will take you back to the app Dashboard. It’s in the dark gray section right below the “Discard” button.



I look forward to seeing that screen again. Don’t know how I missed it. Thanks. Nothing in the unofficial user manual about saving, discarding, or going back – that I can see, which apparently doesn’t mean it’s not there.

That sounds a little dangerous to be so near the discard button for people who are sweating on their keyboards …

In addition, Saving or discarding needs to return you to the initial rider selection/training session/just ride screen. Even though I’m saving my current ride, I don’t want to quit!!