End of Ride DISCARD Button

The End of Ride DISCARD RIDE button should be made much smaller and moved to the far corner of the final screen. With riders metally tired (and apt to hit wrong buttons) and sweaty (messing up iPhone typing and trackpad use), it will be helpful to have this dangerous button smaller and moved well out of harms way on both the Zwift game and the Zwift mobile app. THANKS. 

I agree.  Or an added “Are your sure?” confirmation after hitting Discard.  I am always really careful before I hit one of the buttons to make sure I don’t slip and hit the wrong one.

+++ this makes me paranoid, imagine losing a hard fought PR, ouch! My wireless keyboard balanced on handlebars is finicky anyhow.

Actually a Cancel button would be useful, in case you have gotten to the Save/Discard screen by mistake and want to continue with the ride…


Thanks for planning a change here Team Zwift. 

Found out your discard ride files are saved to your hard-drive :slight_smile:
_ Documents/Zwift/Activities _. Now you can upload your ride data manually if you accidentally hit your “Discard” button as I did yesterday :slight_smile: