DIscard ride should require confirmation 'are you sure?

I’ve accidentally hit the discard ride option after a session more than once.

Discard is a currently single click operation, meaning there is no way back from accidental selection.

Enhancement would be to require confirmation (e.g. an “are you sure you want to discard?” prompt) before application exit.

And or possibly move the save to strava button to below the discard or place the discard up in the corner somewhere so they are not so close to each other.

I agree. I accidentally discarded a ride. was able to get the .fit file uploaded to Strava and Garmin Connect, but oddly theres no way to get it uploaded to Swift!?!? Took me a while to get all that figured out and could have been avoided with a simple, “ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT TO DISCARD YOUR RIDE?” prompt.

Agree - a bead of sweat landed on my iPad and accidentally deleted my activity. Any other app or computer programme asks if you are sure before you delete something without saving so why not Zwift?