Accidentally Hit Discard

I accidentally hit Discard for a ride. I was able to get it in the Activities folder to add to Strava and Garmin but it doesn’t show up on my Zwift Actvities. Can this be restored/added back in there?

Hi Jeff,

Currently there is no way to have it added as an activity to the dashboard (but your miles, experience, and such will stay). We are hoping to add this functionality in the future.

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Found out that rides are saved to your hard drive even if you hit discard!! WOOT!! Thanks ZWIFT.

Go to Documents/Zwift/Activities 
Then you can view by date the file was last touched and find your discarded ride and manually upload to your Training Peaks / Strava

hit discard my accident… geesh.

please zwift crew can you help me out adding it to my zwift account? two prs and close to level 10 now )-;

Wes Duff ZTR ©, thanks so much, really helpful. keep ride on… :smiley:

Has this functionality been added to Zwift?

Wes Duff - thank you !

I did my 50k ride for the prize! It was painfully long and then I must have hit discard… I wish I could upload it back to Zwift…

Another Ride On for Wes Duff.  Thank you.  I wish I could add the ride back into Zwift, but at least I could put it in Strava and TrainingPeaks.  Zwift should have an “Are you sure?” prompt for a discard.  And a way to load the undeleted activity back into Zwift.

Zwift, is there a function yet? long time this was opened and have not addressed it. Just happened to me in a Zwift Academy workout. Every other app and software has this functionality. 

This is currently not available as an option, Alan. When this feature is released, we’ll be sure to let everyone know.

Count me in just done it tonight with a dodgy mouse doh

After a real good effort on Zwift I had the same problem, I hit esc to pause the ride then assumed that “discard” was the same as “cancel”. You could have heard my scream in the next town when my pride and joy route disappeared!

Thanks Wes Duff for saving me from despair.

@Zwift can you please have a “cancel” button added onto that menu, to return back to the ride. I second Brads idea of a “Are you sure?” second-click  

Add me to the list. At the very least add a confirmation to delete a ride. That’s basic stuff. This ticket is 3 years old. You aren’t novices. We should be able to upload the FIT file.