Discard ride button

(lukas ranicar) #1

Zwift made it smaller but it is still in the way. After hard ride I don’t want the jeopardy of negotiating round the discard button to get to the save button with my dodgy laptop track pad and sweaty finger combination. Just put it out of the way. How often is it even used?

(Geoffrey Easton ZHR G) #2

I quite often will simply watch and then discard…I’m sure other people do also. So I would say it’s quite often used.

What they need to add, after hitting discard, is a “You sure? Yes/No” to click after hitting discard in case of accidental key presses. And yes, put the discard button well away to start with.


(Cleve Waterman 69y/o) #3

Yes, I use it often for the same reasons, but it still needs to be moved off to the side, preferably the left side for me (being right handed).

(Kermit deFrog ( PAC )) #4

I would use it also to only watch but a solution could be to make a big red button to the left of the screen for discard and a big green button to the right of the screen to save.

If you create the add on button saying are you sure yes/No, you can bet  people are complaining that they have to press too many buttons, ho hum.

If you cannot manage this, you should not own a computer!

…any thoughts?

(Daniel Kennedy) #5

Yeah it’s the scariest part of my ride, navigating around the discard button. Move that thing very far away. 

(Rohan Symons) #6

Please please get the Discard button out of the way. I just lost yet another ride (and vertical gain ie Pretzel course) to sponsor bikes for Qhubeka,  because of sweaty fingers and a dodgy track area as per the above. Its a nuisance.

(Austin Lambert) #7

Happened to me today :frowning: Sweaty fingers+trackpad+Discard Button directly below Save Buttom=fail