Immediate Pause/End Menu

Maybe this just makes me impatient but when I’m done with the workout, I’m really done.

I don’t feel like I should have to wait for the kickr to spin down to save/discard/customize.

A right click or double click menu option over the top display that would allow me to end the ride would be great. Or a big button that says Pause/Resume. and when paused I get the current end of ride menu. Something like that would be perfect.

there is a keyboard shortcut for it. Apologies I didn’t write it down or remember but when I was playing w the keyboard I found it. Try different keys. I’m thinking maybe the letter “s”?

My guess is something like that will be included in the coming phone app.

It’s ESC. That prompts you to save or discard immediately. I swear I was able to resume the ride easily the first time I stumbled across this but I could not this time - I had to save/exit. Surely I’m missing something.

So this is something we’ve been discussing in the office, actually. As Jerry noted, the ESC key does let you end your ride immediately, but doesn’t let you exit that screen with a keyboard shortcut.

For the time being, you can work around this and exit the screen by pedaling, stopping and letting the pause screen show up, and then pedaling again.

Once the SAVE/DISCARD screen comes up does hitting ESC again allow you to resume your ride? Let’s say you get into SAVE/DISCARD by accident how can you resume? There is no CANCEL option that I can recall.

The method of pedaling, stopping, and then pedaling again is what will let you exit the screen that appears after you hit ESC.

Sorry that wasn’t clear! I’ve edited my post to explain that better. :slight_smile:

Going along with that, I need to be able to get to my avatar pre-ride! It’s not practical to have to pedal first, stop, wait for the screen to just change my jersey…

Can’t we just have a short cut key i.e.  P=Pause? and/ or a pause button on the phone App/

I don’t think stop pedaling works on the segments. I had a phone call and missed 2, 2 minute segments and it was in the pause screen